Mary Ann Hake

Children’s Author


Do you wonder about various smells? 

This new series of picture books will explore scents in each season of the year.

Book 1: The Smell of Spring

A fresh sensation fills the air. 

What is this strange new smell out there?

April, a blind girl, explores the world around her and discovers the smells of spring. Join April and her many pets as she enjoys the scents of flowers, chocolate, and much more. 

“I love the splendid smells of spring!”

What kinds of smells do you find in the spring? The Smell of Spring shows how the sense of smell helps us gather information and explore the scents around us. A page at the end includes further activities using the sense of smell.

Alternate Ending:
As I lick icing from my face,
I wonder, “Are there smells in space?”

Book 2: The Smell of Summer

Join April, a blind girl, and explore the many smells of summer in this delightful rhyming picture book. From her garden to the county fair, to Grandpa’s farm, to camping in the forest, to a family barbecue and a holiday picnic, to visiting the animals in the zoo and enjoying the seashore, discover the joys of summer scents. The Smell of Summer helps children understand how we experience the world around us through the sense of smell. Kids will enjoy April’s interesting pets and have fun with the activities at the end of the book using their sense of smell.

As summer thoughts stir in my mind,
I wonder what new smells I’ll find.
Since noses surely help us see,
What special scents will call to me?


“It’s a delightful sensory read. The rhythm is propelling and the pictures engaging.”

“Thank you for sharing your very special book with me! It’s precious. I like the pictures too.”

“This was a very delightful book! I loved all the places she found smells in. I also loved how you made the book rhyme. It flowed very smoothly.”

“It was a precious book.”

“You have done well, my friend. Thank you for sharing this with me. So well done, from the rhyme to the message.”

Awards and Acclaims

Both The Smell of Spring and The Smell of Summer have been named among the best in family-friendly media, products, and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards®.

The Smell of Spring is featured in lists of top books about “Spring Picture Books Your Students Will Love” by Kinder Craze.

The Smell of Spring is featured in lists of top “Books to read in Spring” by Homeschool Preschool.

About The Author

Mary Ann Hake loves learning, reading, and writing. She has written homeschool curricula on history and science, including Creation: Thirteen 6-in-1 Comprehensive Lessons published by Master Books, and hundreds of stories, articles, puzzles, devotions, and other material for all ages—published in various periodicals (including newspaper feature articles, Appleseeds, Cobblestone, Pockets, and Clubhouse magazines) and a dozen compilation books. Some of her work has been translated into other languages and published for use in Europe and Mexico.

Her first picture book, The Smell of Spring, tells about a blind girl enjoying the scents of the season. This is the first of the Smells of her Seasons picture books. She has also written a middle grade historical novel, A Piece of Stone, which explores history and Jewish culture with a bit of suspense and covers several thousand years, set against the backdrop of world events and a family heirloom stone passed on from the time of Moses.

Mary has taught writing to students from grade school through high school in private school settings and as writing enrichment in an after-school program in addition to presenting at writers’ conferences. Mary loved working in a bookstore and as a librarian, especially conducting story times for preschool and elementary students, and summer reading programs.

Mary has also worked as a freelance editor and proofreader the past twenty-five years and has edited for both publishers and private clients, including a best-selling mystery author. Mary regularly reviews book and has posted hundreds of reviews online.

She continues to enjoy children’s books, both reading and writing. Join her as she explore wonderful stories that will enrich your life

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